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 Posted: 08-22-2017 12:53 am
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OK - I got the new stabilizer out and bench tested. The output voltage was still 12 volts. The new EBay one had two wires, with nothing to indicate a 12 volt input wire and 9 V output wire. Does it matter? If it does matter, is the stabilizer damaged if you attach the 12 volt supply to the wrong side?

I have ordered one from Delta, and will get tomorrow. Now that I have modified the wiring harness to use with the new stabilizer, I don't remember which wire was which. On the original stabilizer there is a double male connector and a double female connector. Can someone verify which the dark green (12 Volts in) connects to, and the light green voltage out goes to?

Sometime during all this pulling the dash apart, the little insulator attached ended up on the floor. Does anybody recognize it? I thought it might have come from the stalk switch (turn signals, wipers etc.) but I don't see where it could have come from, and all of the functions seem to still be working.


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