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 Posted: 08-20-2017 11:44 pm
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Thanks. Are 910 water pumps something that are available without a rebuildable 910 core?

Based on my calibration effort I now believe my car is not really overheating at all - just a voltage stabilizer or gauge issue. I ordered a new voltage stabilizer from an EBay vendor - listed as "Jensen Healey Land Rover Lotus Elan Europa & MGB GT Alternator Voltage Regulator". It is stamped with Lucas 12V. I'm not sure it is the right thing as it made no difference at all and may be a stabilizer to stabilize at 12V, not 9V. I should have benched tested before installing but will do this next weekend. Getting the stabilizer in and out is not the easiest thing and requires getting the cluster out, and is difficult if you are not as flexible a you used to be.