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 Posted: 08-08-2017 03:33 am
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I did not notice any damage or anything different with spindles, no worn areas or high contact areas when I cleaned them. I am leaning towards a bad hub; possibly the seat where the cup butts against is not perfectly flat and square to the bore; possibly slightly higher at the spindle bore, as it was making contact there and I could not get a 0.0005" feeler in there, but could have a gap under the rest of the cup out towards the cup bore. The lack of full contact could be enough to cause the material to compress a bit when loaded; giving a little more clearance in the bearing. I will probably try a bit more preload and check hub temps with a infrared thermometer on a long run for now and put some miles on it and see what happens. If the bearing fails and I have to replace them again; I will have a closer look at the hub. It really puzzles me, as I have never come across this type of issue with wheel bearings before.