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 Posted: 08-07-2017 05:50 pm
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The nut is retained by the nut retainer part#93245 and a cotter pin. I checked the seat area when I installed new cups; both sides showed no dents; burrs or any damage, other than a rough machined surface (record type surface finish from a rough feed on the lathe, British craftsmanship at its finest!). It sounded seated with a solid sound and I checked with a 0.0005" feeler between the hub and cup and would not fit; as my first thoughts was the original cup was not bottomed out and wanted to make sure the new one was seated. The only difference I noted was after I installed the cups on the left side; the right side outer cup appears to be installed a little deeper, as the aluminum insertion tool got a light groove from the bearing cap flange; possibly due to allowable machining tolerances (British craftsmanship again) and will measure the difference when I get back from my holidays; I estimate it is less than 0.010" deeper.

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