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 Posted: 08-07-2017 06:41 am
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I purchased my Jensen Healey last year and parked it till I had time this year to go over the vehicle and get it inspected and licensed. When I was going over the vehicle I found the front wheel bearings were a bit loose and adjusted them as per the shop manual prior to its mechanical vehicle inspection for licensing. After about 50 miles of driving the left front wheel bearing was loose again and would cause a shimmy in the steering wheel while driving at highway speeds with a bit of steering load, the right side wheel bearings were not loose after its adjustment. Figuring the wheel bearing might be worn or the race was not seated; I purchased and installed a new set of bearings and seals (for both sides of the car) and made sure the races were seated into the hubs. I installed and adjusted the bearings as per the manual and after about 50 miles the left side was loose again, the right side was fine; adjusted the left side a second time and it still got loose. Decided to re-seat the bearings and put a bit of pre-load on it; enough to cause a bit of drag while turning the wheel. Did a short test drive and found no loose wheel bearing or shimmy, but hub was warm/hot. Re-seated the bearing again and gradually backed off the nut till the wheel spun free about the same as the right side (more than a quarter turn tighter than by hand tight). The bearing did not get loose in 50 miles and the hub was cool, but there is a slight shimmy, I may need to tighten it a little more. Has anyone experienced the same problem or have an idea what the problem might be? I suspect something is causing the bearing to unseat itself after one tightens the nut to seat it and back it off; prior to turning it hand tight, as I have to add some pre-load to keep it seated. Is it by coincidence that I have another bad bearing on the left side? I suspect I may have to look at replacing the hub and spindle if no one knows what might be the cause of problem, as I have no problem with the installation and adjustment on the right side hub.