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 Posted: 07-28-2017 11:33 pm
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Need help. Just had a cam belt tensioner, from Martin Robey and a blue belt from the club store installed. Now the belt travels about 1/16 of an inch across the camshaft pulleys when the engine is running. It does not touch anything by this movement and will not slide off the pulleys but I am concerned that over time it will damage the belt or might cause damage to the engine. All the videos of the engine running on youtube show the timing belt running straight and not traveling. Mechanic said it is probable the tensioner that is causing the movement. Don't know enough to discuss with him but don't want to get another tensioner and find out that it is not the problem. The black belt that was on there before the change ran straight so I don't think it is the cam shaft pulleys that need to be changed. Any info is appreciated.