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 Posted: 07-25-2017 10:14 pm
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I have completed 3 W58 JH conversions. One using a Conversion Components kit, one using just the Conversion Components supplied bell housing and one using a Lotus Excel bell housing supplied by Lotus Bits.
The first one using the CC kit (less shifter extension - not available at that time) was the most straight forward. You are correct that the rear transmission bracket was not satisfactory. I simply modified the existing JH bracket with the Supra W58 mount and repositioned it. That was no big deal and I did the same for the subsequent conversions. The most difficult part was the shifter extension housing. I could not find a source for the long one specified by CC. I ended up modifying the ones that came with my Supra w58s. I had a jig (expensive) made that simplified the cutting and holding of the existing housing and linkage bar for welding. It ended up having to be a nominal 25mm longer than the one specified by CC to provide good placement for the JH so I don,t understand how the CC one would work. I do have sketches with all these dimensions and pictures of the before and after extension housing that I can send you when I return home this weekend.
The second conversion with just the CC bellhousing was okay only because I could copy the other parts from the kit I had purchased earlier.
The third conversion with the Lotus Excel bell housing was a PIA. I had to get a spacer made for between the bell housing and transmission. I had to enlarge the hole for the clutch linkage in the bell housing as the Lotus used a hydraulic clutch. Had to machine a mount for the clutch pivot arm for the housing also.
All required new driveshafts to be made, but that was fairly straight forward from a local driveshaft outfit.
Also I found using a short shifter kit( can't remember name just now) made a very nice throw in the JH.
If I can find the jig for modifying the shift extension housing and shaft you are welcome to it.
Remember that I did these several years ago. I understand that Lotus Bits now has a kit that maybe addresses some of these issues.
I must add that the W58 with the 4 speed rear end is awesome in the JH.