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 Posted: 09-23-2005 03:45 pm
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I don't think so - but I'll check again. I hooked it up the way it was wired before I put in the new coil. BUt, that doesn't mean that the PO(s) didn't have it wired up incorrectly in the first place. Actually that wouldn't suprise me - seeing some of the stuff he did to the car. I switched everything out b/c of intermittent spark. Now it's zero spark.

I'll carefully trace all the wires again. That's a good suggestion. I'm thinking that it's something simple like that. . . .

Let's see - off the top of my head (I'm at work and not near the car):

On the positive side: one wire from the Pertronix, one mysterious red wire that has the 'resistor' built in and goes thru the firewall - probably to the tach, and one (should be unecessary now in my understanding but I left it for posterity as it was there on the original - I've run it w/o as well) that comes from the wiring harness to give extra kick when starting.

On the negative side: One wire from the Pertronix and one from the harness that sits right next to the aforementioned wire for extra kick when starting.

Again, I'm not at the car right now but that sounds about right. I think Mark gave me some wiring info in an earlier post and I checked it out. But, I'll admit I have been giving some credibility to the previous wiring and maybe I should just start from scratch.

Thanks again!

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