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 Posted: 07-23-2017 11:44 pm
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I recently purchased and installed one of Peter’s (qwerty’s) eccentric tensioner hubs. Although it is a very nicely made piece, it did not provide enough offset for me to adequately tension my timing belt. Using a nearly new (75+/- miles) Gates T104RB blue trapezoidal racing belt, a new Flennor FS03299 bearing and replacing a somewhat worn auxiliary timing sprocket, the highest reading I could achieve (adjusting anti-clockwise)on my Krikit gauge was just a hair over 40# before it started loosening again. The belt at its tightest was way too loose to use so I had to revert to my factory (late 74) tensioner which I again have adjusted to 47#.

Peter suggested several things I might have overlooked but they are all covered above. I thought I might be able to find a bearing with a bit larger OD to compensate but that turned out not to be an option.

Although the offset is definitely different from stock, my problem may still be unique to my engine. I have a later model 907 head that has probably been shaved a bit since my cam timing marks do not exactly line up @ TDC (110/110).

I am interested in hearing input from others who have gone this route and, since this is not going to work out for me, I will offer my eccentric tensioner hub to anyone interested including the pressed on Flennor bearing and a new spare bearing for $75 + USPS shipping.