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 Posted: 07-22-2017 03:49 am
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I've not talked with either of them myself. However, this subject started over on the LotusExcel forum, and the fellow needing the bearing shells had already talked with Kemp, Taylor and Steve at SJ Sportscars. None of them had the +15 bearing shells, and they all said +15 shells were no longer available from Lotus, Vandervell or JAE... whose aftermarket supplier has been the source in recent years.

To be clear, he's looking for the revised shells for a cross-drilled crank (bottom shells are plain, no groove or hole). I have talked with Mike at Delta, and they do have a couple of sets of +15 bearings for the non cross-drilled 907 (bottom shells are grooved). But only a few sets, and no more coming. When they're gone, they're gone. So while JH owners may have a little more time, the problem is close enough that it would be wise to push for another option before you need it.

Tim Engel

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