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 Posted: 07-21-2017 09:28 pm
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Apply the Loctite to the pulley bore. Maybe just a very little bit on the shaft, wiping most of it back off... ie, just a thin 'primer' to ensure the shaft is wetted. Rub it in, wipe it off.

The goal is to avoid having the pulley scrape a wave of Loctite off the shaft, and back onto the lip seal behind the pulley. Be careful, watch for it, and immediately wipe off any ooze that does occur. Don't goop the seal.

By putting a heavier application of Loctite inside the pulley bore, the shaft will scrape the excess forward out of the front of the bore, away from the seal. Wipe off any excess prior to installing the special washer and retaining bolt.

Tim Engel

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