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 Posted: 07-18-2017 06:32 pm
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Pacer Technologies is known for their line of ZAP super glues, but they also make Rail Zip II. Electric model train guys use it to keep the electrified brass rails free of corrosion that would cause continuity problems.

I use Rail Zip II to clean all the little Britcar bullet, spade and fuse connections that tend to lose continuity just sitting around. Simply pull the connection apart, put a drop on the mating ends, and push it back together again. Yes, if the connection is actually crusty with scale, it speeds things up to manually remove the worst of it. Barring that worst case condition, just pull the connection apart, add a little Rail Zip, and put it back together. No need to work it back and forth or scrape, just re-connect it, leave it alone, and let Rail Zip do it's thing.

There's no need to go back in and clean-up later since Rail Zip will do no long term harm to the metal bits or insulation. It just goes after the corrosion.

Rail Zip II is available through online model train hobby shops and Amazon. Or go to your local hobby shop that caters to the model train crowd and pick-up a small bottle. In my local hobby shop, it's in the glue section with the rest of Pacer Technologies' products. Ask!

Tim Engel

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