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 Posted: 07-17-2017 03:14 pm
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The fuel pump itself is not fused; the "inner" or "HOT" side of the fuse box(closest to the center of the car) has a link on the inside running from the top fuse down to the second/middle fuse. There, a white wire(inside the car) runs back to the pump.
However, Tim & Dwalls are correct in that eventually the fuses and their contacts need to be cleaned(a good hard fiberglass brush is useful here). This may solve your problems, but it should be the starting point. If you have a friend who is VOM knowledgeable, that should make the process faster; fortunately, the wiring from cars of this vintage is fairly easy and simple.
Years ago, I borrowed my friends Datsun 2000 for a date, and when I was almost home, everything went "dead". Apparently, we found one of the main battery posts was cracked causing failure.
Keep us posted.