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 Posted: 07-16-2017 07:51 pm
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Here's the situation on my 1973 JH. I have an intermittent problem. At random intervals I will suddenly loose my tachometer, fuel gauge, and voltmeter -- they all just drop to zero. They always seem to go out at the same time and they usually come back at the same time, usually a few minutes later. Although sometimes the gas gauge and the voltmeter will come back before the tach. So I figure I have some sort of electrical problem.

Now, here's the wrinkle. Today I was out driving on the freeway and the car died. It felt like it suddenly ran out of gas. I shut it off, waited about 30 seconds and then it started up again and I was on my way. But, it happened two more times before I got home. I checked the fuel filter and it's clean so I'm thinking maybe I have a fuel pump that's going out. But, before I change the fuel pump -- it there a single electrical problem that could be causing both things? It could be the fuel pump or it could be the power to the fuel pump (The gauges were malfunctioning at the time).

Before I change out the fuel pump has anyone experienced this particular set of symptoms? Feel free to speculate, that's what I'm doing : )