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 Posted: 07-06-2017 09:48 pm
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Hi all,
I am a new member and tomorrow i get to bring home my, new to me, Jenson Healey. This is a project that was started in 2011i think and Scott was a memeber here, unfortunately SCott passed this last March, and his wife had put his project up for sale, complete with a ton of spare parts, including engine, transmission, and body parts. There is so much stuff i am taking a ihaul truck as well to get it all home in one day.
20 hears ago, while i was in the UK, I found a 1967Mini Cooper S and started a two year project to restore itto show condition, now 20 years later, a new project has fallen into my lap, Mini'sare great but a lotus twin cam is the ultimate for me to rebuild and breath some life into. I cant wait to get started.
I expect I will be asking for help along the way, and when it finished will be looking to bring it down from PEI Canada to what ever meet you have on an annual basis.
By that time, i hope i will become a source of knowledge gained during the restoration, and what an exciting challange that will be.