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 Posted: 06-26-2017 06:16 pm
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Some of you may already know this, but there is now "FRESH" rubber for our cracked/deteriorated side light markers(also the same for Interceptors).
I received a sample from British Part Northwest(sku 54583858/9, $47.52 + ship; Layton, 503-864-2001, has all the info)and the fit is excellent and yes, the rubber I was told is only 3 months old.
Layton told me that originally, they had tried Malaysia, but the rubber and fit were not good. He finally settled on an Italian firm(these were made for a Triumph Spitfire)
I just got off the phone with him about one slight difference: the rubber labeled "L", which is for the right front/left rear(RF/LR) has the 2 bulb socket mounting holes on the opposite diagonal? Layton told me the Spitfires had 4 body holes for the mounting, but he may have this altered. The other rubber label "R" for left front/right rear is fine. Drilling 2 holes in the "L" rubber for our cars is fairly simple, so not to worry about ordering.