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 Posted: 09-22-2005 10:57 pm
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Damn, this is turning into quite a hassle. But, it's a hobby not a car - right? I must admit I've learned a lot about ignition systems. . .

Ok, still no go on front two cylinders.

A quick run down:

I checked that there are indeed 4 distinct 'on - off' points. I put my voltmeter between the black wire and the coil, took off the dist cap and turned the engine over by hand (I'm getting pretty good at that. . ). As the rotor moves around the dist there are 4 distinct 'off' and 4 distinct '11.5+' switches. Ok - I guess the Pertronix is working.

I put the car on TDC and made sure that #1 does indeed have the rotor pointing towards it. I then (I think this is overkill but did it anyway) adjusted the rotor so that at TDC I would have current flow between the pertronix black lead and the coil. I realize that the timing will need to move to a few degrees before TDC but at least I should be close - yes?

Still no fire to the front 2 cylinders.

Changed the cap back to the old - no change.
Swapped plug wires around - no problem with my new wires.

The easiest way to check if there is fire is to use the timing light to see which wires have fire. Of course 1&2 have none and 3&4 are fine regardless of plug wires used.

I don't think it's the distributor - at this point (in my understanding) the dist is basically just a mechanical part that spins around to open and close the circuit. As long as it's spinning it's doing it's job.

But, I don't know what else to check. I don't have a points /condenser set to put in or I'd try that.

I have to say that Ken at Dave Bean was extremely helpful (or at least he tried to be). Unfortunately his price for a new distributor is 150 bucks more (398 vs 245) than Delta. The guys at Delta are nice enough but Ken seemed to really know his stuff. One time I called Delta and bought another (unrelated) part. When I asked the guy a question he told me 'I don't work on em. I just sell parts for em'. I did get a nice e-mail comment today from Delta regarding the dist - he told me he didn't think that was the problem - and I concur.

Anyway, any more ideas? I'm sure I'm missing something simple somewhere.

Rotor??? I can't find the old one to put back on but that seems too simple. ALl it has to do is turn and make the spark jump to the cap. If it does it for 2 it should do it for 4. . . .

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