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 Posted: 06-23-2017 01:27 am
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Art DeKneef


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If anyone has a good front bumper top piece I would appreciate some measurements. I have one good one but I think it is off in the height measurement.

What I have measured on this one is that the front edge of the cover is about 1" tall while it rises to about 1.5" on the back side at the outer ends and gradually rises to about 2" in the center. It also has a slight curve up as it moves to the back.

I don't think the center height is supposed to be higher based on looking at the other 2 covers I have. Unfortunately one is wrinkled and dimpled all over making getting any good measurement difficult. The other one seems to be relatively flat all the way across except it has a big dent pushing up on the right side that might be interfereing with the measurements.

I have part of my hammerform finished but need to determine the correct specs before I start making the covers.