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 Posted: 06-20-2017 02:14 pm
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Hi all
I replaced my fuel sender with a NOS one that I bought that came with the new seal and voltage balancer
It worked great, so I filled it further, until it got to over half full and the leak appeared from under the lock ring boss, only slowly but enough
So I bent theta sin further, got a flat blade next to one of the tab bases and tapped it further around clock wise until it basically stopped
It seems to have halted the leak, so here's my question (s)

I've never removed this type of ring lock before, only flange types
I cheated and removed it with tank in situ, so I had to prise ring out and then flatten it again toner use
Are they actually meant to work like a helical ie screw back into that opening or are the tabs supposed to bent to hold it there or are the tabs just to have something to grip while turn
I keep checking it in cares it leaks

Oh and one other thing, the fuel hoses coming off the top of the tank and on the right hand side look original, with those twist wire clamps ( fuel pump connector hoses are new) the older hoses aren't leaking, should I leave them un disturbed??