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 Posted: 06-19-2017 09:07 pm
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VIN: 11602
Good Running Condition,
Came with 45 DCOE Weber's and European Specification intake manifold. They have been rejetted from what was OEM spec for an Alpha Romeo Spider
Pertronix Flame-Thrower Coil and Distributor Kit
Swapped original Mk1 block for Mk2 (No more rope seal) Ringed pistons and replaced main bearings
Conversion Components bell housing, CUBE short-throw shifter extension and 12 lb Aluminium flywheel.
W-Series Toyota Celica 5 Speed Transmission with aluminum center section. Used OEM Celica cross member as it positions the gearbox and engine better in the frame and engine compartment.
15 x 6 VTO Wheels with 205/50-R15 Yokohama Advan Enovia tires, very sticky with 154 tread wear rating!
Had Optima red top in trunk for awhile but now have Optima D51 yellow top on the floor butted against the transmission tunnel where the passenger side NAS does a nice little jog. It is the best place to put the battery in this car. Close to starter, shielded from the engines heat load and the batteries weight contribution optimizes polar and roll axis moments about the chassis of the car.
I have had KYB's on for a couple of years as I could not find a good compromise with the Koni's rebound adjustment. The Koni rebound only adjustables that the car came with are being given another try and my handling with the rebound full on where the suspension packs down is quite eye opening. Planning on replacing original shock fluid with some Amsoil Medium #10 suspension fluid.
Solid State SU fuel Pump after numerous other brands had failed to deliver the performance this pump provides.
Rear disk brake conversion using Honda CRX calipers, disk rotors and parking brake cables with custom made adapter plates to fit.

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