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 Posted: 06-16-2017 04:28 pm
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Engine in and after getting some vacuum leaks plugged up got a great start.

In tracking down leaks I noticed that this intake cam cover lacks a breather port next to the oil fill, so I guess I'll have to swap over the cam cover from the old engine.

I took the tonneau cover out and tried to install, but it has shrunk a good bit. Think possibly a good leather treatment to soften it up will make it more pliable and I can see if it will stretch back out from there.

My next plan of attack, after getting the cooling system all hooked back up, is to get the fuel tank painted and go over the trunk with some coating. Someone has been there before, the tank was already sitting on top of some bits of hose to get it off the trunk floor. I'll need to take the sender and all out and make sure it's all free. Someone planned for this car to sit a while. Every drop of fuel was drained out.