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 Posted: 06-08-2017 01:46 pm
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No pics, but some progress...

Engine from the red car is sitting on the green car's subframe now. I pressurewashed the subframe so it's not a total mess now. I'm going to pop the cam covers off and check/adjust the valves now while it's out of the car and room is abundant.

One question, the clutches between the 4sp and the 5sp are the same, no? The red car is a 4sp, and the green a 5sp...I'd like to use the better of the two discs/PPs, but I don't wanna find out about some small difference when reassembling...

Car will get a new clutch, etc when I swap the engine again, but for now it's just getting the thing going so I can enjoy it while the other engine gets rebuilt.