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 Posted: 03-26-2005 09:10 am
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Tim Murphy

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Update on starter motor spins with key in accessory position

Or, boy, am I in deep dudu

Thanks for the replies. As far as I can determine, the previous owner did major changes, probably too bypass the infamous seat belt warning system.

My plan as of this evening is too return everything to stock and go from there.

What I have under the hood: On the starter solenoid two large threaded post, one post is connected directly to the battery plus terminal with a thick black wire. The other post is connect directly to the alternator with a heavy brown wire.

Also, the square socket on the firewall only has two connections, both brown going in and out. Is this correct?

Sorry for so many post on this problem. I am working on my JH in a friends garage and have a definitive time by which I HAVE to be out. See also post: Anyone in Orange County CA: I need pictures of stock, working ignition system.