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 Posted: 05-30-2017 03:22 pm
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Alright, so I finally got the replacement car. #16984 will become a parts car. The rust is simply too much. I'll most likely cut out the good floors and rockers and harvest whatever else I can from it for spares.

Introducing #19998. (Any way to change the thread title to "Project 19998"?)

This is it at the shop in San Anselmo, CA getting picked up.

The brakes were obviously locked up, so it was drug onto the enclosed trailer for the trip East. A friend of mine picked up and delivered it, so it took about 2 months to get it home, but it was cheap and I knew it was in good hands. I did't even get to see the car until 4 months after buying it. Didn't know it had a roll bar until my friend took a pic of him using the luggage rack to "transport" some springs to The Vintage (BMW meet) in Asheville, where I was taking delivery of the car.

Here it is after finally getting it "home". "Home" being my parent's place as I don't have a garage at my house, yet.

Popped it up on the lift to assess the floor/underneath of the car. The floors aren't bad. Driver's side has a couple spots where someone tried to repair them with some goo and patch panels. The passenger side has some more significant rust, but it's manageable.

Rockers are rock solid, as well as the rest of the car. On small small spot on the front, left fender....but nothing that's not repairable.

The inside of the fuel tank is spotless, totally clean. I pulled it and cleaned out the trunk. Some road flares had deteriorated and made a huge mess. The carpet is garbage. Most of whats in the pic is from the carpet, not rust. There is a little surface, but no holes. Under the tank someone had already put some vacuum hose to space it up. I'll be cleaning and painting the trunk and the tank.

The engine was covered in a rodent nest that apparently liked to dine on snails. Snail shells were ALL OVER the place. It had the original timing covers, but I left those off when I did the belt. They're brittle, didn't want to break them. Did the timing belt and tensioner, cleaned it all up, oil change and filter. Carbs are free and clean. I think someone drained all the fuel as there wasn't any smell, residue, or liquid when I took off the lines, etc. With a good battery she fired right up with a bottle of fuel between the carbs.

Next up....interior....

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