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 Posted: 05-27-2017 04:17 am
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This Sway bar arrangement gets the bushings and washers parallel with the OEM tab on the lower suspension arm. The thing with an anti-sway bar is you need to couple it to the suspension and body as best as can be managed to minimise compliance. This approach seemed like the anti-sway bar was made to go over the top of the thrust rod and at the angle that I have with the spacer made to be so the angles are perfect for the washer stack and bolt to transmit the suspension movement to the bar as cleanly as possible. As they are passive the better the coupling the more anti-roll you will get for the foot-pounds of twist that you can put into the bar under hard cornering.

Notice the welded in plate on the frame and cool washer face headed hex bolts. This puts a bit more smoosh on the bushing to couple the bar to the chassis better than the weird U-bolts were capable of.

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