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 Posted: 05-26-2017 05:05 am
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McMaster-Carr parts for Pertronix FlameThrower distributor shaft improvements:
Thrust bearing is: 5909K31
O-Ring Supported U-Cup is: 9505K17

Mcmaster-Carr Parts for Door Hinge Rework:
Door Hinge Pin Replacement:
Punch Pin Blank Ø 5/16 x 2-1/2 long: 93770A315
#4 Phillips with 3/8 drive: 51395A46

The upper portion of the OEM pin is knurled under the head to fix it in the outer portion of the hinge brackets which keep it rotating in the inner bush section if its not rusted together. Both of the upper pins in my car are sheared off resulting in the doors dropping when they are opened.

Clutch Cable Fix, McMaster-Carr Part Number: 35215T12
Clutch cable fix forever clevis gets rid of the leaded ball at the pedal end of things. I drilled out the pedal and put a brass bush in the oversized hole for the clevis pin to rotate in. It is the best clutch improvement you will ever make to the OEM cable.

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