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 Posted: 05-15-2017 06:22 am
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Hi Bruce

Thanks for the reply. Well I drove her properly, first time in three years since I started the resto, she needs a tune bad, but went pretty good, so another JH back on the road! Bruce Ill take a couple of the pin plugs, also do you have the female socket incase mine ends up being toast? To make it worth while, I need a tyre iron for my original jack / tool roll, and a canvass strap that holds it in the trunk? also t6he oil cooler hose at front, the fittings that go into the hose, do you have any of these I can give the hose guy to make a new one? This should make up enough for a minimum shipment?
Also Bruce if it makes it easier, you can stick it on my companies DHL account
Just let me know what of the above you have, and how I can pay you ie Paypal is easiest or TT ( I can get my accounts manager to send it ) and then go from there
Kind Regards