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 Posted: 05-15-2017 12:44 am
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Twin Cable to Handbrake lever modification. All thread passes back through OEM cable hole with tubing slipped over the all thread to keep rattles to a minimum.

The OEM JH header plate is replaced with a new one I fabricated form the same .190 x 1.00 steel strip. It has three 1/2" holes and two to allow the OEM screws to fix it to the unibody.

The CRX cable housing ends are close to 1/2 inch OD and are set 4" apart on center with the cables original hole so that the offset in the tranny tunnel is maintained. Its slightly to the left of center or nearer to the drivers side.

I had to add a swivel pivot to allow for cable length miss-match to equalize. It is made of some 7/8 OD aluminum rod with a 3/8 hole drilled through for the all tread to pass through with a bushing to ride against it. This keeps the slot in the square steel tube to a minimum to allow the bar to yaw as the cables are not the same length when you remove the slack.

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