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 Posted: 05-15-2017 01:11 am
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Got the honda CRX brakes worked out but with the Honda OEM emergency brake cables and pitched the JH cable and rod as it doesn't really work on floating calipers.

The bracket welded to the axle sets a perpendicular line that is through the caliper fixing holes at 45° to the horizontal. So the angle is a bit steeper than Jomac's but should allow for better bleeding of the air from the caliper.

This angle also allows the cable to clear the frame and radius arm as it passes around the coil spring at ride height.

Also the added height of the caliper allows the Centic brand banjo bolted brake line to bend to a nut I welded to fix the tab for the lines routing to a tee that is yet to be procured and mounted on the diff-housing.

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