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 Posted: 05-10-2017 07:22 pm
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Another spring is here and Ms. J is on the road again. Did absolutely nothing with her this winter, as there wasn't really any reason to work on her and the Metropolitan kind of took up all my "throwing tools and cursing" time. But, the Met is finished, and I took it down to the British car clubhouse for our open house last week, and pulled Ms. J out as well since that's where she's been parked all winter. Then, they both came home.

Here they are at our "mini-show", finally together.

Small order of business for Ms. J over the next couple of weeks: install the new blue Gates Racing timing belt (it's been about 3 years and 10,000 miles) and at the same time replace her motor mounts with the Land Rover ones I bought almost a year ago to see if that helps with the whole "steering shaft through Delta 4-into-1 header" issue. The Rover mounts are a little bit thinner and should give me more leeway for adjustment so that the timing belt cover doesn't hit the bonnet. Once that's done, I'll be all ready to take her to Vermont for Jensen East.

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