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 Posted: 04-28-2017 12:53 pm
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Fuel induction & ignition are mostly unrestricted in Street Prepared, so EFI is probably the single most significant engine upgrade I can make within the rules.

Unfortunately, I have to keep the stock low-compression pistons & cams, so performance gains will be modest. However, I won't miss dealing with finicky carbs - especially as the weather changes. I also had major issues with fuel starvation on the Strombergs on sustained left-hand turns. I could convert to Dellortos, but EFI offers a better (if more expensive) solution.

One other upgrade I'm planning for the EFI is a new fuel tank. The rules provide some leeway for replacement, in cases where new OE parts aren't available, so I'll be installing a new tank with AN fittings that match the Aeroquip hardware used on the LotusBits system.

Regarding the extra stock head, I'm a bit leery of those stock cast-iron tappets, after having one come apart on me last year. :(

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