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 Posted: 04-28-2017 03:35 am
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What will fuel injection do to how the SCCA classes your car for autocross?

If you had another stock head, would you install it just to get the car running until the Lotusbits shipment arrives? There's a fellow south of Victoria who has a JH engine for sale. I've not checked in with him for a while so I don't really know if he still has it, but I could give him a buzz if you're interested.

Also, there's a fellow in the Brooklyn Park area who has a seriously ported Dave Smith head for sale, along with a set of DS2 cams to go with it. Fresh as received, never installed. DS2 cams are a step hotter than the Lotus 104 cam. That one wouldn't be cheap, but it would sure be effective.

Tim Engel