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 Posted: 04-10-2017 03:02 am
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Frank Schwartz wrote:
Yes, I know...I am referring to the white sealant he used in filling up that wedge gadget he used to hold the cam wheels in place and used a bit of old toothed belt.
I didn't comment on Peter's pulley clamp earlier, because I thought it was a very clever design and use of available materials; however, I usually advise against using anything like that.

If you're using it to keep the pulleys from moving out of alignment between when the belt is removed and when a new one is installed, then all it does is preserve what was, without making certain what was, was correct. If the timing was off before you started, it will be off after you're done. That's not very reassuring.

It's very quick and easy to install and time a cam belt starting from scratch. It takes less time to do the task right without a pulley clamp that it does with one. Even if you spin the dials like a Rubic's Cube before starting, just follow the correct procedure from scratch and the engine will quickly end up correctly timed when you're done. And you know it's right.

Use a pulley clamp to keep the pulleys from moving, and the timing will be as screwed up after you're done as it was before you started. It might be right, it might not. I don't recommend that.

Tim Engel

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