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 Posted: 04-09-2017 11:00 am
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Hi Chris

I've had ongoing issues with my interior lights. The Prince of Darkness is temporarily in hiding, but he'll definitely be back. The interior lights and clock are on the same fuse, so presumably that was the first thing you checked. If the lights keep shorting out, firstly check that the body of the interior light delay relay is not touching its mounting bracket, which is on the panel by your right knee when you're in the driving seat, just under the bonnet release handle. Sometimes you just need to twist the relay cylinder just a little, so it is not earthing on the bracket. If that's OK, then check the wiring of the map light in the passenger door. According to the wiring diagram on the JOC website, operation of this light is entirely unrelated to the opening of the doors, but on my GT a PO had wired it into the delay circuit, and it kept blowing the fuse. Maybe three lights all on the same fuse was too much? Anyway, something else to check.

I have no idea why giving the panel knob a "tweak" might make the clock and interior lights work again, other than to suggest that the wiring for all the rear lights should be running under the bottom of the central wooden panel back along the side of the transmission tunnel, and maybe you disturbed something there. Once you've got the wooden panel off, you'll be able to see if there are any errant chocolate block connectors in there.

By the way, removing that wooden panel is a pig of a job. The choke and panel knobs should have allen / grub screws in the side allowing the knobs to be pulled off. They wouldn't budge on mine, and I did not want to break either knob by forcing the issue. Then you need to disconnect the heater controls - this is easiest to do by unfastening the cables from the sides of the heater box, don't ask me how I know. In the end I managed to pull the wooden panel far enough out so I could remove the radio for refurbishment, but I've never sworn so much in my life.

Best wishes,