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 Posted: 04-09-2017 06:49 am
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Frank Schwartz wrote:
Have always had problem holding cams in place and this is what I need. Or perhaps regular silicone sealer which dries hard but rubbery is ok????Are you talking about the silicone sealant that is applied to the threads of the bolt that secures the pulley to the crank? Or something else? For that purpose, all you need is an automotive grade silicone sealant, like the Permatex Ultra series. Apply anti-seize to the bore of the pulley and the cam journal.

For the auxiliary pulley, use Loctite Retaining compound, or a red, high strength Threadlocker in the pulley bore and on the shaft. Wipe off any excess that gets squeezed out. Especially on the back side, since you don't want any to get into the rubber lip seal right behind the pulley.

Tim Engel