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 Posted: 09-20-2005 10:19 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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The Pertronix gadget is a magnetically activated solid-state switch.  From the user's point of view, it works exactly like a set of points, with none of the faults mechanical points have, and only a few inherent faults of its own.  This means that you can test the thing just like a set of points:

* Equivalent of points closed = (almost) no voltage present on Pertronix black wire, current flow of several amps through the device.

* Equivalent of points open = 12 volts (nominal) present on Pertronix black wire, no current flow through the device.

The plastic bit that fits over the distributor cam is supposed to have a magnet for each cylinder.  If one of these is missing, broken, or extremely weak, the Pertronix won't be triggered, and you won't get a spark for the associated cylinder.  If the magnet carrier can fit over the distributor cam in more than one way, try a different orientation and see if the trouble moves to different cylinders.  If so, contact Pertronix for a replacement magnet carrier.

Another thing you can try is to rotate the engine so the distributor rotor is aligned with the turret for one of the non-firing cylinders.  Disconnect the Pertronix black lead from the coil.  With the ignition on, you can then make a spark by momentarily connecting the [-] side of the coil to chassis ground (touch only the wire's insulation yourself, or you'll get a shock).  Trace the spark from coil to distributor to spark plug, and perhaps this will reveal the problem.

If all else fails, put the points and condenser back in, get the thing running properly, then reinstall the Pertronix.