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 Posted: 04-05-2017 09:58 pm
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Randall: years ago(late '90s) we had to install quite a few on our cars(Atlanta, GA.). We found someone who had done Jaguars which have a similar process. Removing all the #2 cross point screw can be troublesome, as everything east of the Mississippi rusts. A hand impact hammer with WIHA bits(posidrive #2) will help(WIHA is MUCH tougher than any other bits). If you brake one, centertap and drill out(carbide drill bits VERY useful). After breaking the seal, slide the surround off and remove windshield. Be sure to save the plastic base stops(3) to ensure youir new one will not crack. We use/used poyurethane all around instead of the original seal. It is VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE URETHANE FILL EVERY GAO ON THE NEW WINDSHIELD. If there is a gap when pressing in the new windshield, you can guarantee a crack from the stress on the gap(the installer will explain that).
good luck