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 Posted: 03-29-2017 06:04 pm
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Thanks, I used the Fiero sliders too, rather than modify the JH sliders, which only lock on one side, kinda iffy.

I flattened the front of the Fiero tracks to avoid having the thicker cushion put my thighs into the wheel. Also using a slightly smaller (14.5") Nardi wheel on the adapter I made.

Made a plate to attach the Fiero sliders to the stock front mount bolts. The rear stock bolts/nuts were too far gone to reuse, so while fiberglassing the floors, I added an aluminum plate on top of the rear seat crossmember, and tapped that at the Fiero rear attachment points. It will go in and out easily now, just slide the seat all the way forward or all the way back and remove the Allen screws from the floor.

Attachment: wheel w adapter I made 2-23-17 small.jpg (Downloaded 151 times)