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 Posted: 03-11-2017 04:55 pm
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Despite the self-adjusters working properly, I have not been able to get my handbrake to work since the LSD axle was installed. What happens is that the handbrake lever pulls away (moves inboard) from the web of the leading shoe on the left hand rear wheel when I use the brakes. Or the shoe moves outboard from the lever. Either way, the notch on the handbrake lever is no longer engaged with the leading shoe so when I activate the handbrake, the lever moves forward but the notch in the lever does not engage with the leading shoe web, so the shoe is not pressed into the drum which means the handbrake cannot function.

The handbrake works fine until I drive the car and use the brakes, then it stops working. It would seem that when the wheel cylinder pushes the shoes against the drum, something is not aligned properly so the shoe web does not re-engage with the notch on the handbrake lever when the brake pedal is released and the shoes return to "home" position.

I am going to replace the handbrake levers (assuming I can find some), as maybe the notches in the existing levers are too worn. And also replace the pull-off springs, steady pins and springs, the wheel cylinders and circlips. Maybe that will stop the leading shoe moving relative to the handbrake lever. Anybody got any other ideas?

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