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 Posted: 03-11-2017 06:37 am
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I have a UK Jensen-Healey Mk1 1972. Project: Nut-Bolt, Bare Metal Re-Build.

I'm replacing inner/outer sills & floor pans, both sides. I have these parts and work is progressing.

I now need:
- O/S/F (R/H) longitudinal under floor - Part No. 91629
- N/S/F (L/H) longitudinal under floor - Part No. 91629
- O/S B (R/H) Post (c/w reinforment panel, holds the door lock catch), I have purchased a N/S, but both sides rusty.

Martin Robey are out of stock, open to suggestions. Happy to pay shipping to UK.
Please reply below.
Many thanks,
Bristol - UK