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 Posted: 03-10-2017 05:15 pm
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The trapezoidal tooth belt is standard for the JH 907. If your engine has the round-tooth HTD pulleys, then that was a very worthwhile upgrade you or some prior owner made to the engine.

A bunch of years ago, JAE worked with Gates Racing to have the blue HTD belt produced in the Lotus size. Since JAE paid for the development, it's an exclusive to them and Gates does not sell it over-the-counter. In turn, JAE sells it to other Lotus specialists, and to Lotus Cars itself. So while you might find blue HTD belts at several Lotus specialists, ultimately they all come from JAE. There is no standard Gates part number that will get you a blue HTD belt at your local auto parts store or motor factor.

In the USA, contact JAE, Dave Bean Engineering, rdEnterprises. In the UK, contact SJ Sports Cars, Kemp Performance Engines, PNM Engineering, etc. Specifically ask for the blue HTD belt. It's very expensive compared to the standard black belt, but it's worth it.

(805) 967-5767 - JAE (Near you in Goleta, CA)
(209) 754-5802 - Dave Bean
(215) 538-9323 - rdEnterprises

The blue HTD belt needs to be set to a different tension than the black belt. With a Burroughs BT-33-86J gauge (or BT-33-73F), set it to 83-84.

Tim Engel

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