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 Posted: 02-27-2017 09:28 pm
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Frank Schwartz


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Bad idle...only 1500 and any slower it slows down and quits. Cam wheels lined up properly along with the crankshaft pointer at zero. Have changed fuel pump and put in regulator..also fuel filter. New coil to match the Pertronics pickup. Tried different carbs and different distributor with no improvement. Seems to have been leaking air under the rear intake manifold where it bolts to the head. Removed manifold and put in another that was true and warps. Used some Hylomar (as recommended by the Brits) and made sure the thing is sealed good with new gasket between manifold and head.. Now no apparent air leaks or that I can find any and it still idles badly and intake manifold vacuum runs about 10 Hg and wiggles..not steady..books says it should be about 18 Hg. Also replaced seals in carburetor shafts... at this point I am stumped.