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 Posted: 02-12-2017 01:53 pm
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Dear All

At the end of last year I took the seats and door cards out of my GT and took them down to Rejen here in the UK. Their mandate was to replace the seat foam and webbing (which were completely shot), re-upholster the seats together with a NOS set of GT door cards with the corduroy material I tracked down in the States, and supply the correct original chromed speaker grilles. I got the seats and door cards back from Rejen a few weeks ago, and have just today finished installing them. The door cards were the fiddly bit.

Here are some before (top) and after (bottom) shots. I am very pleased with the corduroy, which is exactly the same texture as the original and colour-wise matches the original where it had not faded, being slightly more browny-green than the original cloth which where exposed to sunlight had faded to a very pale beige. The suppliers, SMS Autofabrics in Oregon, can supply this material in pretty much any colour you want.

The seats are amazingly different to sit in, providing much more support while making me sit much higher in the car. If I hadn't steamed the headlining to re-adhere it to the roof, then my head would be touching the headlining. As it is, my left thigh is now quite a tight fit under the original steering wheel, and I've had to adjust my driving position to fit.

I am also extremely happy with the work of Ash at Rejen. The interior of my GT now looks as classy as it would have done when it left the factory.

Best wishes,

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