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 Posted: 02-10-2017 02:14 pm
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Hi Rick,

If you want to stay with the stock speedo you have two options that I can think of:

1) Try to find the next closest gear pair available.  You might try to use 33481-14031 (a 10 teeth metal gear that is supposed to be mated to a 34 teeth plastic gear) and see if it works with the plastic 33403-29135 33 teeth gear.  If that does not work you will need to choose the next closest gear pair you can find and live with it.  Probably the 3.4 gear ratio set.

2) Have the stock speedo recalibrated to work with a gear ratio you can find. I am not sure where you would go to do this.

If you are willing to replace your speedo, I believe there are newer ones that can be
configured to different gear ratios.