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 Posted: 02-09-2017 10:06 pm
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Rick Willard

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Hey Jerry, Nigel, T4Brew, and anyone else reading this....

Sorry to bring up an old string here, but I'm in the middle of my W58 conversion and could use your help with the speedometer gearing. I'm struggling with finding the right speedometer drive gear (10-tooth metal one).

I ordered the following part: 33481-35130. It's clearly labeled to fit the 33-tooth plastic gear, so I was excited about installing it. Unfortunately, this particular part is too big in diameter to fit the shaft. BTW, my tranny came from Lotus Bits and is out of an Excel.

I see that the likely part number is 33481-22130, which I would guess has the right diameter and right pitch to fit the tranny. Unfortunately, Toyota is advising that this part is NLA. Given the rear end on my car, tire size, etc., I'm shooting for a 3.3:1 set-up. Do you guys have any suggestions for me to either find this part or possibly use a different set-up??

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, all!