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 Posted: 02-07-2017 01:41 am
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Took it for its first ride since 2005 today. Put about 40 miles on. Ran at the proper temp, stopped, turned, idled in traffic. 25psi oil pressure hot idle. 50 something at speed.

Couple of observations: It does not like E10 gas. Had been running it on non ethanol up to today. Filled it up and before I got out of the station I felt it, and the idle degraded. Just have to adjust the tune in the carbs a little.

And, the APE rears his simian head once again. The tailpipe hits the suspension stop in the rear. See, I tried to adjust the pipes so they cleared everything while the car was static, BUT the APE welded the muffler to the tailpipe and my choice was have the 2 outlet pipes on the muffler at a 30* angle[not really a good look] or, try to get it to clear and hope. As with all things in my life, hope has led to disappointment. So I'll get the sawzall, cut the muffler off, rotate it and weld it back on in the correct orientation this time.