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 Posted: 01-21-2017 11:43 pm
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The 907's original trapezoidal tooth belt is a 3/8" pitch Imperial belt (otherwise known as Profile Size "L"), and many companies sell that size. The only caveat is that you want 133 teeth and 1 inch wide.

Other trapezoidal belts may have the same tooth shape, but they're all in incrementally different sizes (pitches). They won't match the pulley teeth and lay naturally against the pulley. You know right away if it's right or wrong. The round-tooth belts are more tricky. There are 3/8" pitch belts in HTD, GT1, and GT2 round tooth forms, and they look deceptively alike. But they're not the same, and the GT belts do NOT ride properly on the HTD pulleys.

Gates Rubber makes more timing belts than any other brand in the world, and contract manufactures belts for many of the other big names you might think of as their competitors. For the trapezoidal tooth belt, just remember one part number... and depending upon where you live, it's...
Gates T104 in the US, Canada, Australia, etc.
Gates 5146 in the UK

Walk into any good auto parts store/ motor factors, give them the Gates part number for the country you're in, and they can cross-ref to whatever brand they stock (everybody knows Gates). If it's a name brand you recognize, buy it. If it's a no-name, low-price special from China, don't buy it. Doing that will get you to something like...
Dayco 95104
Goodyear 40104
Flennor 41133
Nipparts J1121030

If you want the 'best', longest lasting trapezoidal belt you can get at this time, then stretch your memory a little further, and ask for a Gates Racing T104RB blue belt. Write it down and put it in the glove box. Available at and NAPA in North America.

Tim Engel

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