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 Posted: 01-19-2017 05:18 pm
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Well, here's the update. We had stripped all of the original wiring harness out of the parts car that became the race car, partly because it had been butchered but partly because we didnt need lights except brake lights, we had a number of additional sensors and gauges, and we'd converted to a Megajolt EDIS. And that proved to be our number one issue for the first year. We were plagued by a sudden and total loss of spark for the first 3 races in 2015, where we were towed off the track a total of 5 times and limped in a couple of more. We checked all the wiring connections many times, with increasing frustration, before I gave up and built a complete new wiring harness which seemed to solve the issue. Great! Except now it started suffering from what seemed to be fuel starvation, a different issue. Spent the last race of 2015 searching for that, adding a second fuel pump in tandem, removing the fuel pressure regulator, and it wasnt til I replaced the fuel filter, which looked just fine and clean through the glass cover, did we solve it. Yes, I know, it should have been the first thing we replaced but the damn thing looked clean and it was only a year old. But that solved the issue and the March race in 2016 at Sonoma Raceway was the first race that we finished, although with a 45 minute pit stop to replace a radiator hose that blew during a full course black flag when it overheated because the electric fan had self destructed and frozen. We won Class C that day because we broke down less than the number 2 car.

And that, sports fans, is why we have a cheesy metal sculpture and had $500 towards our next race entry in June of 2016. Which, I suppose, makes us now legally professional race car drivers. Oh yeah, after spending about $60K over the last 5 years racing our Mustang, and about $18K building and racing the JH for one 2015, we made $500 in 2016. I'm so proud.

Since that race, though, we've lost a team member so no longer have enough drivers to run two race cars in the same race. But we'd like to race it in March this year - same race we won last year - if we can pick up another idiot, er, I mean driver, to share the fun with us. Wanna race? Drop em a line. It's more fun than I've had since I was first married; wait a minute, that didn't come out right.....

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