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 Posted: 09-17-2005 01:01 am
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Mark Rosenbaum

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For testing, yes, anywhere that's hot when the ignition is on will work.  But for actual driving, you'll want the tach to work, so you'll need to hook things up as follows (ignoring the various connectors):
*  A wire from the ignition switch to the tach.  This can be the original wire.
*  A wire from the tach to the coil [+] side.  This can be the original wire that used to go from tach to ballast.  If you have a Pertronix, its red wire also goes to the coil [+] side.
*  A wire from the coil [-] side to the distributor.  If you have a Pertronix, this is its black wire, but if you have points, use the original wire instead.

As previously noted, I'd guess that you won't need a ballast with the 3.0 ohm coil.  And without a ballast, you don't need to use the wiring that comes from the starter solenoid.

The TV show you mention was based on a Depression-era radio show called 'The $64 Question.'  Before my time, actually, but apparently a dollar was worth rather more than it is today.