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 Posted: 01-09-2017 06:26 pm
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The identification on my carbs is just DLHA 45, no letter.

I finally got the bung welded in for the A/F meter, and some initial readings are below - confirming that I am running rich assuming the meter is reading correctly. I followed the calibration and set up instructions very carefully, so I have to assume so. The results below are static. The weather here is not conducive to road testing at the moment.

1000 11.8:1
2000 13.5:1
2500 13.0:1
3000 12.8:1
3200 12.8:1
4000 12.1:1

Rather than ordering various tubes and jets, I am on the waiting list to have a carb shop that is reportedly good with Dellortos, and has a selection of parts on hand to try (not a complete set, however) and I plan to let them take a shot at it first. Should be in about 3 weeks.